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Business Scheduled Delivery

Hansam Services continues to strive and set  standards for excellence for the same-day transportation and logistics industry and our customers.

We work with small, local companies to Blue Chip corporations with a national footprint.. We can supply one company with a simple custom courier solution, while providing another with a dedicated fleet of vehicles to handle their same-day distribution needs.

  • Scheduled service ( delivering to multiple sites daily)

  • Simple and flexible booking options - phone or OnLine;

  • Fully trained, professional,couriers

  • Indemnity up to £15,000 per consignment as standard

  • Time stamped audit trail

  • Email and text message tracking notifications

  • Range of management reports

  • Service Level Agreements

  • Flexible payment options

  • European Direct Drive Service

Package Delivery

Custom Delivery Solutions.

When you need immediate delivery of recurring orders, both you and your customers can rely on Hansam for scheduled delivery fulfilment. We offer custom courier services to give you a competitive edge and allow you to focus on your core business.

We build a solution with you so that, your deliveries are expedited according to your timetable.

Scheduled services often include bank runs, inter-office deliveries, mail transport, bio-medical samples and pharmaceuticals.
We are a reliable single source for fast, competitively priced same-day transportation and distribution services.

Delivery Van
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